OAE & Audiometry & Tympanometry (SOD05)

With SOD05 you get all the features at your fingertips; Audiometry, DPOAE and Tympanometry on a screening level, which suits your screening program. It comes with entertainment mode for kids so professionals can easily diagnose, a torch is available inside the dual-use probe for tymp and OAE. You can get a screening task solved on the spot.

The device comes with charger, calibration cavities, 1 tymp probe, 1 headset DD45, and accessory box; and software modules: Screening Tympanometry, DPOAE Quick, Audiometry class 4, you can print PDF directly.


  • MIRA PC software
  • 1000 Hz and multifrequencyTymp kit
  • TEOAE screening

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